This Friday winds up my worst trading week of 2010.  The volatility after last week's interday plunge in the DOW seemed to have stayed in the currency markets this week.  The Euro plunged to levels never seen before, as the world runs around worrying about where, if anywhere, is a safe haven for my money.

The whipsaw action seemed to always work against us, and we were stopped out on the majority of trades.  This failed string of trades set us back a whole month in profit making.  A week like this really drains on the soul, so we closed up early, and worked instead on consolidating trade activity for the last few months, to see if we can reflect and gain some insight for improvement.

So for the first quarter of the year, here are some stats:

Average Length of Trade: 1 day 21 hours 7 minutes
Average $ / win $222.20
Average $ / loss $316.54
% Winners 68 %
Most Successful Pair: EUR/CAD
Least Successful Pair: GBP/USD
Most Active Pair: USD/CAD
Least Active Pair: AUD/USD

The largest single loss I had was over $1k, and looking in the trading journal, I thought I was smart enough to not enter a stop, because I was worried about volatility overnight and being pre-maturely stopped out before the move was certain was going to happen. Mother market disciplined me for my arrogance.

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